Text Messaging…

So, you want to text message? Okay, if it is short and sweet and to the point, then go ahead and send that text. But if you are angry, or drunk, or better yet, overanxious about a prospective date then you better think twice about clicking the “send button.” Why is that you ask? Because text messaging is so engrained in today’s society, it is almost like an automatic reflex to think about what is on our mind and then subsequently text that message. In the dating world, that is almost like committing suicide. Since relationships are based on emotions, and are not logical, and a text message may be open to interpretation, based on setting, and context, the message may be easily misunderstood. Often times we cannot sense humor, or sarcasm, or the effective tone of the message. This may confuse your recipient, particularly early on in the relationship and may sway their opinion of you to the point of no return. Instead, I offer that you pick up the phone, and I don’t mean drunk-dial, but rather I advocate you call and speak to the person you are interested in about your intentions. It is more direct, and to the point and allows one to develop important rapport with the person you are contacting. If you are busy and unable to return a text in a timely manner (say reasonably within an hour), then you should politely say you cannot talk right now and will get back to them later. This effectively demonstrates respect for your time (and theirs) and is much better in the course of a healthy relationship. Text messaging is intended to deliver a short message effectively, while the phone is for developing rapport, which may be established even in a very short phone call. Even better is when you see the person you are texting in person.

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Andrew Rose, Certified Love Coach

Hi, my name is Andrew Rose and I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a certified love coach, dating and relationship expert, and help bring joyous and happy relationships and dating experiences into people’s lives. I have had the pleasure of training with Dr. Ava Cadell, who has served as both a friend and a mentor. I have a background in psychology, sociology, human sexuality, and coaching people to relationship success. I enjoy maximizing the potential of others by demonstrating clear cut, and effective strategies to more fulfilling and exciting dating experiences. You may visit my website at: http://www.andrewroselovecoach.com, or you may email me: andrewrose@andrewroselovecoach.com

Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator and let yourself go with your date, or relationship partner. Learn to trust your partner, and experience the comfort in knowing you can be supportive of one another in a small pace. This builds both trust and intimacy, both of which are paramount to a successful and healthy relationship.

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